How Tora Takes Care Of Its Drivers

How Tora Takes Care Of Its Drivers

Did you know drivers pay upto 30% of their daily earnings to their cab aggregator? That’s 30% less income to support their families. Tora empowers drivers by charging them a flat fee that doesn’t cut into their daily bread.

Cab companies tend to offer a promise that the driver’s income will increase tenfold, but these promises generally lose hold 3-4 months into the partnership. At Tora, we understand and respect what a partnership entails – which is why our drivers keep what they earn, barring a flat fee which they can pick from amongst our various subscription packages.

A driver’s time and skill should receive the compensation they rightly deserve. Here’s how –

  • Our drivers pay zero commissions.
  • They get paid within 12 hours of service.
  • The flat fee that drivers pay to partner with Tora also covers insurance.
  • The drivers are free to choose a subscription that suits them best.

Being a cab driver is not a drab affair. Besides being a highly skilled driver, he/she must also be dedicated and, excuse the pun, driven to meet passenger deadlines and personal ride goals. With Tora, drivers have complete freedom to turn these little goals into big milestones.

With our incentives, a driver’s lifestyle can change immeasurably. Let us remove the word “commission” from the world of cab owners and cab drivers. By switching to Tora for your everyday rides, you can help us make the world of ride hailing what it was always supposed to be – an equal and fair partnership.

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