My Ideal Ride

My Ideal Ride

“My work demands a long and frequent commute, twice daily (sometimes even on weekends). I don’t drive, and I definitely don’t like 2-wheelers. So the only option I’m left with is to use whichever cab service is offering more discounts/cashback deals that week. Because honestly, they all have the same pros and cons. So, I save wherever I can. But having traveled so frequently has turned me into an authority (of sorts) on how an ideal cab ride goes. Let me paint a picture for you:


  • It’s 2019, we deserve a fully functioning, non-laggy app to book ourselves a cab to take us wherever we so wish to go.
  • Minimum details and maximum functionality, please! I am giving you my location AND my payment details, please don’t expect more.
  • A semi-accurate navigation system, complemented by a fully-equipped driver, i.e., equipped to read the map correctly. (Isn’t it frustrating when your assigned driver is 5 continents away and yet, he hits you with a notification of his arrival?!)
  • Oh, and please don’t cancel after asking me my drop location, dear driver. You made me wait for 15 minutes before deciding to call me. Not cool, bro.
  • I work everyday, I travel everyday, I get paid for my work, and I end up paying most of it away – “SURGE” is my second least favorite word in the world (“Cryptocurrency” is #1). I don’t want to spend half of my earnings on something as simple as commuting.
  • Dear driver, when you arrive, please call me. Sometimes, I get busy and forget that my cab is on the way. Please don’t wait for the wait-time to end in order to call me. (You probably won’t get that extra money you earn anyway.)
  • …also, be courteous, not invasive. And please don’t have hour long conversations with the aux cord still connected to your phone. In fact, don’t use your phone to call or catch up with people. Catch up with the road and the driving, I urge you!
  • Drop me off safely, sans road rage and/or any other inappropriate behavior. Value your ratings and the passengers who rate you.


So yes, that’s my ideal ride-easy, convenient, cheap, and smooth!”


There’s no name there, but you don’t need one, do you? It’s you and your friend, and your mom & her mom too. You’ve experienced these problems at some point in your cab-booking life, perhaps even today. But don’t worry, we have something for you that will fix all your cab-related problems, that’s the Tora promise:


  • Hassle-free bookings
  • No surge pricing
  • Manageable wait-times
  • Transparent prices
  • No commission from drivers
  • True safety


Book a cab without missing a beat only with Tora, the uncomplicated cab.


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