Being a cab driver might seem like an easy job, but it’s not.Cab drivers endure a very erratic, heavy workload and earn very little in exchange. With the #savethedriver campaign, Tora aims to help riders better understand the difficulties faced by the drivers and humanize this relationship which has become mechanical.
Commission paid on each ride
Earnings spent on loan payment, fuel and maintenance
Work for more than 12 hours/day
Face health issues
Research has shown that cab drivers are prone to health problems like back pain. This is mainly because of their sedentary occupation and irregular, erratic working hours. These work hazards have a big impact on the physical and emotional well-being of the drivers.
Drivers pay a hefty commission of ~30% to cab aggregators. Fuel costs, EMIs and maintenance charges add up to another 50%. Drivers end up earning less than Rs500/day and barely make ends meet.
Ever wondered why drivers avoid online payments? Once the trip is completed the drivers receive payments made online, in 2-7 days. This greatly affects their cash flows and they are unable to pay for fuel to operate their cabs.
Drivers are often victims of crimes such as fare evasion and robbery due to the nature of their work, thus safety remains as one of their main concerns. A cab driver works in all parts of the city and might have late night rides which makes them vulnerable to violence and theft.
What makes Tora Better for Partners

Minimal Subscription Fee – A flat fee starting at Rs199

Unlimited Daily Rides – Partners can avail Unlimited Rides for the time period of their subscription.

5 Lakh Accidental Insurance – Partners are insured up to 5 lakhs

Tips – Partners can earn tips by providing a 5 star service to the rider.

Direct Payments – Payments from the riders are deposited directly into the partners’ accounts. This also ensures that the partner receives payments faster than other cab companies.

No Hidden Charges – Unlike cab aggregators which confuse their partners with various fees, Tora offers a transparent breakdown of fees.