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  • How does TORA work?
    • Our smartphone app connects Partner (Partner) and Riders (Passengers). In cities where Tora operates, use your rider app to book a ride. When a nearby partner accepts your request, your app will display an estimated time of arrival and an estimate price of the ride based on the pick-up and drop locations selected.
    • A notification message will be displayed once your partner arrives at the pick-up location.
    • Your app also displays the partner information with whom you have booked the ride.
    • When you arrive at your destination, your trip ends. Your fare is automatically calculated, and you can choose a desired payment mode and pay for your ride.
    • After your ride ends, your app will ask you to rate the partner based on different pointers.
    • Partners are also asked to rate the riders. This will help us to foster a community of respect and accountability for everyone.
  • How to create TORA account?
    • Creating a TORA account requires a valid mobile number.
    • After downloading the app from your device’s application store, tap on the app to open.
    • A request to turn ON your location services will be displayed. (This app needs access to your location services to work properly.)
    • Enter the mobile number (it needs to have an active network service) with which you would like to login.
    • By clicking on submit, you accept the terms and conditions along with the privacy policy of Tora.
    • An OTP (One Time Password) is generated to the mobile number.
    • Enter the OTP and tap on Verify.

    You can now start booking your rides!

  • How can I download TORA app?
    • You can download Tora app from the app store on your smart device (Phone/tablet). Or click on the links below to download the app-

    Click to download Tora app on iOS

    Click to download Tora app on Android.

  • I did not receive an OTP to login to the account.
    • You will receive an OTP message through SMS to the mobile number you have registered with.
    • If you did not receive an OTP, please check if the number entered is correct.
    • If the mobile number entered is correct and you have not received the OTP, then we request you to wait for a few minutes as the message could be delayed due to network issues.
    • If you have still not received the OTP, please click “Resend OTP.”
  • OTP entered is incorrect.
    • We request you to recheck the OTP entered and try again.
    • If you still receive the “Incorrect OTP” message, it could be because the OTP has expired.
    • You can request for the OTP message again by selecting “Resend OTP”
    • Note: An OTP is valid only for 5 mins.
  • I am not receiving SMS notifications/messages from TORA
    • We send notifications about your ride such as booking, cancellation, partner details, as well as exclusive Tora offers via SMS to your registered mobile number.
    • If you don’t receive these messages from us, please check the mobile number in use. If it’s the one registered with Tora, please ensure that the mobile number is active and has an active internet connection.
  • How can I edit my profile?
    • You can edit your profile by navigating to the Customer Profile section in the menu.
    • Tap on the edit icon to make any necessary changes.
    • You can add your email address to receive your ride invoices.
    • You can also provide your emergency contact information. In case of an emergency, this number is automatically informed when the rider clicks on SOS Call a friend (help) option.
  • A Guide to TORA

  • How to book a ride?
    • Open app. (You can access the app only when location services are “ON”)
    • Login to Tora app using your mobile number.
    • Cabs available closest to your location will be displayed.
    • Set your pick-up location by either entering the information manually or by moving the location pin on the map displayed to your exact desired location. You can also search for the address using the search bar.
    • By default, the pick-up location will be your current location.
    • Select your vehicle type based on the service you require. (Point to Point, Outstation, Rentals and Airport)
    • The estimated time taken for that vehicle type will be displayed on top of the vehicle icon.
  • What is Ride Now with Tora?
    • You can make an instant booking with Tora using the “Ride Now” option. (Please refer to “How to book a ride” section)
    • You will receive your partner information and vehicle details through push notifications.
  • What is Schedule a Ride?
    • With Schedule a Ride option on your Tora app, you can book your ride for up to 2 days maximum, and 1 hour minimum from the current time.
    • All you need to do to schedule a ride is:

      -Login to your Tora app.

      -On your Rides screen, set your pick-up and drop locations

      -Select/tap on Schedule a Ride option

      -Choose a desired date and time

      -The available cabs will be displayed

      -Choose the vehicle type.

      -Estimated fare price for the ride is displayed along with an option to book for a friend

      -Tap on Ride now to confirm your booking.

      -Ride details will be shared with you 10 minutes before pick-up time via SMS.

      -You can view your rides in the History section in your app menu.

  • What are ASAP rides?
    • The rider has an option to bid for a ride based on his/her urgency or need.
    • When the rider selects/taps on ASAP ride, the minimum fare price along with bidding option is displayed.
    • Tap on Bid Now and choose your desired bid price which will be added to your fare price to book an immediate ride without waiting.
    • The minimum fare + bid price will be displayed.
    • Tap on Book Now to confirm.
  • How can I set/change pick-up and drop locations?
    • When you choose a ride, the app uses your GPS location as your default pickup location.
    • To change your pick-up location, you can either move the location pin across the map displayed or you can enter/search for the location using the search bar.
      Note: You cannot change pick location after the ride starts
    • You can change your drop location by using the search bar.
    • Tap on the drop location bar and enter the desired address or select from the search options which will be displayed.
    • You can change the drop location after the trip has started if required.

    Note: The ride price will vary based on the drop location you have chosen.

  • How can I save my preferred locations?

    You can save your favorite addresses under privacy section.

    • Go to Privacy
    • Tap on Address Settings
    • Tap on Home and work.
    • To add any other addresses, click on add new address.
  • How can I track my ride?
    • Once you book your cab, you will be able to view its location on the map along with the time taken by the partner to arrive at the pick-up location.
  • How to use OTP or QR code at the start of the ride?
    • Once your booking request is accepted by a partner, an OTP and QR code will be generated along with the partner details and vehicle information.
    • After arrival, the partner will request for the OTP or you can also allow the partner to scan the QR code generated in your device. This will start your ride.
    • If you have booked the ride for a friend, then the OTP will be sent to the mobile number provided by you.
    • Note: This is for Point to Point services. For Outstation and Rental, an OTP will be generated both for the start of the ride and for the end of the ride.
  • How can I pay for the ride?
    • Once the ride ends, the billing information is displayed on your app screen.
    • Complete bill details along with the breakdown of any additional charges will be displayed.
    • You can select your desired mode of payment from the options available.
    • You can pay the partner directly by using e-wallets or via cash.
  • How can I rate a ride?

    To ensure you have a safe and comfortable ride, we have a rating system in place for each ride you take.

    • You will get to rate the partner who served you after your ride has ended.
    • You can rate the partner between 1 to 5 stars based on what you liked the most about the partner.
    • When a partner receives low ratings continuously, we take appropriate measures such as providing training programs, putting him/her under probation, or deactivating his/her Tora account.
  • Cancelling a ride.
    • You can cancel a ride immediately after booking by tapping on Cancel ride button.
    • You can also cancel a ride after your booking has been accepted in the ride screen by tapping on the “X” button.
    • Reason for cancellation needs to be selected from the list displayed before confirmation.
    • A cancellation fee will be charged.
  • Contact a partner

    If you wish to contact your partner to provide directions to your pick-up location or confirm other details of your ride, you can contact him/her through the app.

    • Tap on the call icon displayed on the ride screen above the partner details.
    • The call will be placed to the partner.

    Note: Partners may not answer you calls or respond to your messages if they are driving.

  • How to share your location?
    • You can share your ride location with your friends/family by tapping on the share icon available on the Rides screen of your app.
    • You can share your location via SMS, e-mail, Hangouts or WhatsApp.
  • How can I call customer service?

    You can contact customer service from your app. If you want to get in touch with a customer service agent regarding any issues about your ride, please follow these steps-

    • Go to the menu section of the app.
    • Tap on Customer Service.
    • You can either chat with a customer service agent or place a call.
    • You can also view all your raised/submitted requests in this page.

  • How can I book a cab for a friend/someone else?
    • Open your Tora app.
    • Choose your friend’s pick and drop locations.
    • Select vehicle type and service.
    • On the booking confirmation screen, look for a button that says “Myself”. Tap on it to book for someone else.
    • Enter the name (optional) and contact number of the person for whom you are booking the cab.
    • You can also choose to select the contact information from your phone book. (The app needs access to your contacts for this feature)
    • Tap confirm to proceed.
  • Should my friend have Tora app?

    Not necessary, you can book a cab for your friend even if they do not have TORA app.

  • Can my friend track the cab?

    Yes, they can. When you share the ride info with your friends, they can click on the link which is given and track the location of the cab.

  • Can the partner contact my friend?

    The partner will be able to contact your friend directly as their contact information will be forwarded to the partner. This is the contact information you had provided while booking this ride.

  • Can I pay for the ride booked for someone else?

    Yes, you can pay for the ride via online payment methods with the available payment options.

  • How can I cancel the ride booked for someone else?

    You can cancel the ride before your friend boards the cab and the trip starts the same way as you cancel a regular booking.

  • In case of emergency, how can my friend get help?

    As the person booking the ride, you will have an SOS option, which will display all the emergency numbers through which you can contact any desired services.


  • How can I update my tora app?

    We upgrade the Tora app from time to time to introduce new features, enhance its speed and improve its performance.

    • When the latest version of the app has been released, it will be displayed in Google Play Store & App Store for you to update the app.
    • A notification will be sent to you to inform you that a new version of the Tora app is available for download.
    • Ensure that you have enough space/memory available to update the app.

    Note: You do not need to uninstall or delete your existing Tora app in order to update it.

  • Troubleshooting your app

    I am having trouble installing the app
    • If you have trouble installing the app, please ensure that you have a compatible version of OS.

      -Android: Requires 5.0 or later

      -iOS: Requires 9.3 or later

    If your phone/smart device supports the app but you are still unable to install it, then please check the following:

    • Make sure you are connected to a good internet connection or Wi-Fi. Your installation may not be completed if the internet gets disconnected during the download.
    • Make sure that you have enough memory on your phone to install the app. If you are still facing issues with installation, please contact our customer care.
  • I am having trouble updating my app

    Please follow these steps:

    • Make sure you are connected to a good internet connection or Wi-Fi. Your installation may not be completed if the internet gets disconnected during the download.
    • Make sure that you have enough memory on your phone to install the app. If you are still facing issues with installation, please contact our customer care.
  • My app is not detecting my location

    If your app is not showing your correct location, you can manually enter your desired address in the search bar or move the location pin on the map. You can also try these steps:

    • Check to see if your phone’s location services are enabled.
    • On an Android device, we recommend you set the location to high accuracy settings.
    • Restart the app.
    • Restart your phone.
    • Check to see if your app is updated to the latest version.

  • Rides- Mini
    • Mini can seat up to 4 passengers
    • Children above 5 years will be considered as single passengers
    • Mini can accommodate up to 2-3 small size bags
    • Sedan & SUV

    • You can seat up to 4 passengers in a Sedan
    • You can seat up to 6 passengers in a SUV
    • Children above 5 years will be considered as single passengers.
    • Sedan & SUV can accommodate 3-4 medium sized luggage or 2 large bags.
  • Outstations
    • You can now travel out of town without the hassle of being stuck behind a wheel for hours with our outstation services.
    • You can now book an outstation ride by tapping on the outstation icon at the bottom of the app.
    • You can also schedule a ride as per your requirements and book from 1 hours to 7 days in advance.
  • Rentals
    • Whether you are heading out for multiple client meetings, planning a city trip for relatives, or just stepping out for a shopping trip across the city, Tora Rental services can be your trusted ride partner.
    • You can choose your desired rental packages and select a cab category as per your travel requirements.
    • Note: Rental Packages may vary from city to city. You can always check the rental packages & cab options available by tapping on the rental tab available on the app.

  • Charges / Fares

  • How can I check the fare for my ride?
    • The rider can view the estimated fare price by entering the drop location. The estimate price per vehicle type will be displayed on the vehicle icon.
  • How can I check my fare breakup?
    • You can check the total fare for your ride on entering the drop location. You will be able to view the estimated fare for every cab category.
    • Once the ride starts the total fare will be calculated based on the factors given below:

      -Base fare

      -Ride time charges

      -Distance fare

      -Waiting fee

      -Convenience fee

      -Airport charges

      -Toll and parking fees


    • Once your trip starts, the traveled distance, time traveled, and real time cost of the ride can be viewed on the app (on the Ride status screen).
    • When you update the drop location during your ride, the price calculated will also change based on the factors mentioned above.
    • You can also view the bill/fare details in the history section of your menu.

    When the partner ends the trip and confirms the bill invoice, a pop-up is displayed for the rider which requests payment. Tap on “PAY”. An invoice will be generated with the complete break up of your fare and you can proceed to pay by your desired payment mode.

  • Is there a waiting fee?

    Yes, once the partner arrives at the pick up location and when the free wait time runs out, the rider will be charged a standard cancellation fee.

  • What is advance booking fee?

    When you opt for a scheduled ride, you will be charged an advance booking fee. The fee will be added to the final bill when the ride is completed.

  • What are the different payment methods available?

    You can pay via cash, or use any of the payment wallets available like Paytm and PhonePe.


  • Do’s and Don’ts – Tips for a safe trip


    • Always enter your drop location while booking a ride
    • Verify your partner and car details before boarding the cab.
    • Check while boarding that the child lock is disabled in the car.
    • Opt for back seat to maintain personal space between you and the partner.
    • Always insist that the partner follows the navigation as shown in the app.
    • Share your ride details with your friends or family.
    • Ensure that you have added Emergency Contacts in your Tora app.
    • Always raise an alert by pressing the SOS button on your Tora app in case of emergency.
    • Always be alert to your surroundings and the route.
    • Don’ts

    • Don’t engage in short talks or personal conversations with the partner.
    • Don’t reveal any personal information with the partner.
    • Don’t allow the partner to take a detour from the route or make any unexpected stops.
    • Don’t allow the partner to allow anyone else to board the cab.
    • Don’t sleep in the cab when travelling alone.
    • Don’t engage in an argument with the partner. In case of any disagreement, reach out to Tora customer support team for help.
  • Tora Safety

      We are committed to provide a safe ride experience to all our customers.

    • You can raise an emergency alert by selecting the SOS option available on your screen.
    • You can contact our customer service agent; Our response team will immediately get in touch with you and the partner.
    • You can choose to alert your emergency contacts or call police helpline or ambulance in case of immediate danger.
    • You can track your cab in real – time and share your location with friends & family.
    • In case of a vehicle breakdown or accident we will arrange for another cab (Subject to availability)
  • Partner

  • How to create a Tora account?

    You can download the app on your smart device (Android or iOS) and register yourself as a Tora partner.

    Follow the steps below

    • Open Google Play Store or App Store and search for Tora Partner.
    • Install the app on your phone.
    • Tap on the app to open it once the installation is complete.
    • You will find a “Register as Tora partner” button on the login screen. Tap on the button to navigate to the pre-registration screen. Enter your details to start processing your Tora application.
  • What is pre-registration?

    When you download the app and select Register as Partner, the app will navigate you through a series of screens which need to be filled by you.

    • Enter your mobile number (valid & working numbers only). An OTP will be generated to this number.
    • Enter the OTP received and verify your mobile number.
    • A form will be displayed which needs to be filled with details like name, city, partner type
    • Individual or fleet details and promo codes if applicable will need to be filled.
    • Tap on Submit once the form has been filled.
    • A “Registration successful.” message will be displayed. An SMS notification will be sent to you along with a reference number and contact information of the Tora team.
    • The app will display the list of documents you need to take to your Channel Partner along with their respective address where you can complete your registration process.
  • How can I attach my car with Tora?
    • Visit your channel partner office with whom you have registered.
    • All your details will be available with them. Please complete the entire registration process with the help of our support executives.
    • Submit your documents and provide any information they have requested to complete your registration process.
    • You will be given a login ID and password with which you can start accessing the Tora app. You will also be provided with a unique ID number.

    Typical steps for registration are as follows-

    • Document verification
    • Car and partner review
    • Partner training with app (Demonstration)
    • Contract signing and handing over login details.
  • What kind of documents do I need to submit?

    You will need to bring the following documents to complete the registration process:

    • -ID proofs – PAN card/Aadhaar card
    • -Vehicle documents – RC, permit, insurance
    • -Bank Statement
    • -Address proof
    • -Driving license

    Note: All these details will be displayed on the app screen once you complete the pre-registration process. Please visit your nearest CP office to proceed to next steps.

  • Where do I need to register?

    With the Channel Partner you have selected during the pre-registration process.

  • Will I be charged for registration?

    No, the registration is free of charge. You should have a smartphone/device with an active network and working internet connection.

  • Can I still register as partner if I don’t own a vehicle?

    Yes, you can. However, until you register a vehicle under your name, you will not be able to accept rides.

  • What are fleet owners?

    Individuals who own more than 1 vehicle are considered fleet owners. You need to register each of your vehicles with Tora.

  • What are subscriptions?
    • Tora provides subscription packages (plans) for partners on Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Half-Yearly and Yearly basis.
    • The partners need to subscribe/buy these packages to be able to accept tora rides.
    • All subscription package details will be displayed for the partner, in their menu under “Subscription” section.
    • The partner can also view all the subscriptions they have registered to.
    • The partner can renew plans as and when desired. The new plan validity will be added to the previous plan.
    • The partner can buy multiple subscriptions as required.
  • How can I view my earnings?

    Tora works on a no commission basis, so when the rider pays you for a ride the entire ride amount is deposited/transferred into your account. These account details will be collected during the registration process. Tora doesn’t get any part of the fare amount.

    • Tora apps dashboard will display all your earnings up to date. It also shows your subscription package details and the time left for its expiration.
    • It displays the number of hours you were on duty.
  • How much time does it take to complete the registration process?

    It should take about close to an hour to complete your registration process, along with your vehicle’s registration.

  • How will I be paid?

    Tora works on a no commission basis, you will receive the entire ride amount. This amount will be transferred to your bank account with which you have registered with us.

  • Who should I contact in case of queries or emergencies?

    You can call our customer care service or walk into one of our offices to resolve your queries.

  • Getting a trip request
    • When a rider books a trip, a partner who is the next most available in the location will receive an alert. The partner can choose to accept or ignore the request.
    • The alerts will be shown to the partner based on the vehicle type selected by the rider and the location (distance) of the rider.
  • Cancelling a trip
    • A partner can cancel the trip even after he/she has accepted the ride by tapping on the “Cancel ride” button.
    • The partner needs to enter a reason for cancellation.
  • What is Online & Offline?
    • A partner can choose to be active or inactive to accept rides.
    • If the partner is online, he/she will be visible to the riders to book rides.
    • If the partner is offline, he/she will not be visible to the riders to book rides.
  • Where can I view my booking history?
    • The partner can view their booking history in the “Bookings” section of the app.
    • The partner can view all his/her rides in this screen.
    • Tap on the individual ride detail to view its invoice or to rate rider.
  • How can I rate rider?
    • A partner can rate a rider immediately after the trip ends. After a ride ends, Rate rider option will be displayed.
    • The partner can also rate the rider by selecting the ride in the Bookings section and tapping on “Rate rider” button.
  • Where can I view my invoice?
    • Select the desired ride for which you would like to view the invoice, under the Bookings section.
    • Once you open the ride details, a button will be displayed which says “Invoice”.
    • Tap on the button to view the invoice details for that ride.
  • How can I set up my bank/payment account?
    • You can set up your bank account during the registration process.
    • All the earnings will be deposited into this account when the rider chooses to pay online.
  • What are My Statistics?
    • My Statistics display your earnings, no. of bookings, ratings and no. of active hours for each day.
  • Where can I view my Unique ID number?
    • You can view your unique id number in the “View Profile” section of the menu.
  • Where can I view my subscriptions?
    • Select “Subscriptions” menu in your app.
    • The Subscription Plans tab displays all the available subscriptions which you can buy.
    • My Plans tab displays all the subscriptions you have already bought.
  • What is a discount ride?
    • The partner can select to provide a discount for the ride when he/she prefers.
    • Go to Order settings.
    • Under Discount ride tab, select the percentage of discount you would like to apply.
  • What is a home ride?
    • A partner can pick & set location and request to receive rides only around that location. This function is called home ride.
    • Go to Order settings.
    • Under the tab Home ride, choose the km radius within which you would like to receive the rides.
    • Once a partner makes these settings, he/she will only receive rides within that distance limit.
  • How do I contact customer service?
    • You can contact the customer service or Tora support team from the “Get Help” section of the app menu.
    • Tap on the “Contact Customer Service” button to place a call to the support team.
  • What is system diagnosis?
    • If you have any issues regarding your app, i.e., if you are unable to receive ride requests or if your details are not getting updated, then you can tap on “System Diagnosis” button.
    • “Start diagnosis” option is displayed which will work as a refresh option for your application.
    • You can stop the diagnosis at any point of time. If you still have issues, then please contact the customer service representative.
  • How can I change my password?

    You can change/reset your password in the Settings section of the menu page.

    • Click on Settings.
    • Select Change password.
    • Enter your current password.
    • Tap next.
    • Enter your new password and tap on Confirm.
  • Where can I update the latest version of the app?
    • Navigate to the app menu.
    • Select Settings.
    • Click on Update now.
    • Note: if your app is already running the latest version, a message will be displayed which says “This is the latest version of the app.”
  • What if I forget my password?
    • If you have forgotten your password, please select the “Forgot password” link which is available in the login section. Note: Once the partner logs in, he/she will remain logged in to the application till they choose to logout.
  • I am unable to sign into my Tora account
    • If you are unable to login to your account, please try resetting your password by tapping on Forgot Password button displayed on the login screen.
  • I am unable to connect to the Tora app (Android & iOS).

    There could be a few reasons as to why you are unable to access your app

    • Your registered documents have expired.
    • You are driving outside of your operating area.
    • You have not upgraded to the latest version of Tora Partner app.
    • Your account is blocked/on hold due to a reported accident or incident.
    • Your location settings may be turned off.
    • You may be experiencing a network issue. Refer to Troubleshooting tips to resolve this issue.
  • I want to drive in a new city or new operating area
    • If you want to drive in a new operating area, then you will have to contact the channel partner of that operating area.
  • Can I use other apps or receive personal calls when online?
    • Yes, the partner will not have any issues receiving rides even if they navigate to other apps. If the partner is logged into the Tora app, ride booking alert will be displayed even if they are accessing other apps.
  • In case of an accident
    • Check if all parties involved are safe.
    • Notify the police and paramedics if necessary.
    • Immediately report the accident to Tora support. (Or) use the SOS option.
  • Will extra distance travelled by the rider from the drop location be calculated?

    Until the partner ends the ride from his mobile application, the meter for billing will keep running. So even if the rider travels extra distance than the originally booked location, the additional kms and time will also be calculated for the final bill.

  • Will the partner be able to see drop location after accepting a ride?

    The partner will not be able to see the drop location after accepting the ride. Only the pickup location of the rider will be displayed.

  • Payment

  • Payment Methods:
    • Paying in Cash – You can opt to pay via cash to the partner. All you must do is select the mode of payment to cash.
    • Payment via wallets – You can opt for a cashless and be free of the hassle of tendering the exact change to pay via cash by choosing to pay via e-wallets. You can also avail various offers of the given by the wallets when you choose to pay via these options.
  • What happens if my payment has been deducted by does not reflect for the partner?
    • When you face such issues please make sure to take a screen shot of the message which shows your amount has been deducted. Request the rider to share the transaction ID and call customer support for help.
  • What is Night Subsidy charges and Night subsidy period?
    • During a certain time duration in the night, the customers will be additionally charged for the services provided as there will be reduced number of cab availability during that time. Night subsidy period is the time during which these charges will be applicable.
  • What is Reverse GST?
    • As a mandate from the government, 5% reverse GST will be collected. In case of cash payment by the rider, reverse GST will be collected from the partner.
  • What can I do if my payment has not gone through?
    • If your payment has been debited but it is not reflecting in your account, contact customer service they will raise a ticket and provide a solution for you. You can also raise an issue via your app and check its status.
  • What are your cancellation charges?
    • The standard cancellation charges applicable are 50/- rupees
    • The partner/rider can make a free cancellation within a time limit of 2 mins. After the 2 mins run out, cancellation charges will be applicable.
    • Only the first 2 cancellations will be free for the partner.
  • What are your waiting charges?
    • There is a waiting time limit for the rider of 5 mins after the partner arrives at the pickup locations. Once the 5 mins run out, additional billing can be initiated.
    • The waiting charges are as below:
    • For every additional minute after the waiting time limit runs out, 1.52 rupees will be charged.
  • What are the peak hour timings?

      The peak hour timings are as displayed below:

    • 8am to 11am in the morning & 5pm to 9 pm in the evening.

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